Connect With Top-Tier Svelte and SvelteKit Talents, Fast

SvelteKitJobs streamlines your hiring process by connecting you directly to our network of pre-vetted Svelte and SvelteKit talents. Post, feature, or let us select the best-fit candidates for you.

Unlock Your Hiring Potential with SvelteKitJobs

Accelerated Hiring

The search for top-tier Svelte and SvelteKit talent ends here. We curate a pool of pre-vetted developers ready to dive into your projects, fast-tracking your hiring timeline and helping you build your dream team quicker.

Access to Expert Talent

Our platform is home to a diverse group of highly skilled and vetted Svelte and SvelteKit developers. With us, you have direct access to this niche talent pool, saving you countless hours of sifting through unqualified resumes.

Heightened Visibility

Leverage our featured job postings to stand out from the crowd. With limited slots each month, your job posting not only tops our board but also reaches our dedicated Svelte and SvelteKit developer newsletter subscribers.

Customized Vetting

Want to make your hiring process even smoother? Our expert team can handpick the top five candidates from our list that best match your requirements. It's like having your personal recruitment team, without the hefty price tag.

Simplified Pricing

Whether you're looking to post a single job or need a more tailored approach, our clear and straightforward pricing packages cater to varying needs. No hidden costs, no unnecessary complications - just simple, honest pricing.

Exclusive Community

When you partner with SvelteKitJobs, you join an exclusive community of forward-thinking companies and top-tier developers. Through our platform, you're not only finding talented individuals, you're also making connections and building relationships within the vibrant Svelte and SvelteKit ecosystem.

Simplifying Your Hiring, Step-by-Step

At SvelteKitJobs, we believe in making the hiring process as seamless as possible. Let us handle the hard parts so you can focus on what really matters - building your team.


Choose Your Package

Select the package that best fits your hiring needs. With options ranging from a basic job post to a fully vetted shortlist, we have a solution for every company. Not sure which to choose? Our team is here to help you decide.


Post Your Job

Once you've chosen your package, it's time to post your job. Provide details about the role, the skills you're looking for, and your company. The more information you provide, the easier it is for us to match you with the perfect candidate.


We Spread the Word

As soon as your job post goes live, we'll make sure it gets in front of the right eyes. Depending on your package, this could include a top spot on our job board, inclusion in our developer newsletter, or a hand-picked shortlist of the top 5 candidates.


Connect with Candidates

Now, the magic happens. Review applications, connect with candidates, and find your perfect fit. Our platform and processes make communication easy, so you can focus on finding the right talent for your team.


Hire and Grow

Found the perfect candidate? Great! Complete your hiring and start working on your next big project. Didn't find the right fit? No worries. Post again or upgrade your package for a more tailored solution. We're here to help you grow, one successful hire at a time.

Invest in Your Success: Our Transparent Pricing Plans

At SvelteKitJobs, we believe in clear and fair pricing. Our plans are crafted to cater to different hiring needs and budgets, providing flexibility without compromising on quality. Choose from our Basic, Featured, or Premium package, and get ready to connect with top-notch Svelte and SvelteKit talent. Your investment today accelerates your company's growth tomorrow.

Basic Package

Perfect for companies looking to tap into a pool of talented Svelte and SvelteKit developers. This package allows you to post a job and reach out to a community of pre-vetted professionals.

  • 30-day job post
  • Access to all registered developers
  • Direct communication with candidates
  • Basic customer support


Post a Job

Featured Package

Boost your visibility with our Featured Package. This includes everything in the Basic Package, plus your job gets a prime spot on our job board. We'll also share your posting with our dedicated newsletter subscribers for maximum exposure.

  • All features from the Basic Package
  • Featured job post on top of the job board
  • Job post shared with Svelte/SvelteKit developers newsletter subscribers
  • Priority customer support


Post a Job

Premium Package

Looking for a hassle-free hiring solution? Our Premium Package is designed to save you time and effort. You'll get all the benefits of the Featured Package, plus our experts will handpick the top five candidates from our list that perfectly match your needs.

  • All features from the Featured Package
  • Handpicked top 5 candidates based on your job requirements
  • Company profile highlight
  • Priority support with faster response times


Post a Job

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